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Functional and Artistic, Custom cases are Tough as nails.

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What are FACTcases?

Simply put, FACTcases are the world's most customizable phone cases. Almost every element of our cases - design, material, color, pattern, finish, hardware - can be fully personalized BY YOU, FOR YOU. We then build your creation using the highest quality materials, equipment and expertise available on the market. FACTcases are for everyone - from tech junkies who want the next big thing, to fashionistas who see every accessory as a personal expression, to those who just never want to worry about dropping their phone again! FACTcases will come to the global market in early 2017, but the time to get on the ground floor is NOWHelp fund FACTcases on Kickstarter to earn awesome rewards - including first run cases! - and make our offerings the absolute best they can be.

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How We Got Started

FACTcases started as a personal project for CAD/CAM specialist Trey Burns when he could not find a phone case he liked for his new Samsung. Rather than settle for one of the limited options in the marketplace, Trey used his 20 years of machining experience to prototype and design his own. People took notice of his brutally simplistic, yet uniquely versatile case platform and started asking for one of their own. After 2 years of prototyping and testing, FACTcases is now ready to launch, but we need your help!

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